Pumping Station Surveys

We are specialist in the surveying of Pumping Stations. Our site surveyors are considered to be amongst the best in the industry.

Be it a basic two pump station or a complex multi – pump station we will provide full comprehensive survey data to allow the effective modelling of the station.

Our fully trained crews are capable of working out the most complex of pump operating regimes from a standard Duty/Standby system up to a multi pump dry weather flow with overflow and storm pumps.

Utilising our own specially designed pump testing equipment we can calculate the outputs of any pump and any combination of pumps depending on the operating regime. This system will also calculate the levels of incoming flow.

We carry out fully detailed dimensional surveys of Compounds, Dry Wells, Wet Wells and Valve Chambers to assist Engineers with redesign work should a pumping station be programmed for refurbishment.

Results can be sent in numerous digital formats to suit and will be inclusive of photographs and AutoCAD drawings of the substructure and compound layouts.