Private Drainage Surveys

We utilise all the skills detailed under the other sections (e.g. Manhole Surveys, IAS) to carry out comprehensive Private Drainage Surveys to assist modellers in analysing the exact flooding mechanism associated with flooding properties (DG5).

We record spill levels on all rain water traps, waste water traps and any other ancillary associated with a property’s drainage. We also record critical levels around the property so that overland flooding can be assessed, with regard to run off. The property assessed for water ingress by levelling air bricks, damp proof course, door sills etc.

Full details are recorded on cellared properties including surveying and tracing of any drainage, window levels, floor levels, etc.

A detailed Drainage Layout Plan is produced showing all surveyed assets and the critical levels. Associated details such as manhole record cards and Impermeable Area results are also provided.

This type of survey can be carried out on an individual property basis or any number of properties associated with a flooding problem.