Pollution Surveys

The demand for Pollution tracing surveys has grown over recent years as the Water industry steps up the focus on pollution caused by misconnected appliances to the surface water sewer network. With many years experience in this area we pride ourselves on impressive and accurate tracing that enables the reduction in environmental damage misconnected domestic and industrial appliances are causing.

Using a variety of techniques such as ‘lift and look’, caging and CCTV surveys we will establish the distribution and severity of contamination within the surface water network, upstream of the polluted surface water outfall (PSWO) under investigation.

We will then conduct door to door property surveys on the properties connected to the polluted sewers to identify all the misconnections.

If required we can carry this out using a phased approach separating the network identification and property survey stages.

After identification, we will, with the assistance of the relevant stakeholders, ensure the properties have the issue rectified.

We are always happy to adapt the specification for this type of survey to meet our Client needs. For example, we can add additional data collection services such as water sampling for laboratory analysis or dissolved oxygen recording / monitoring and would willingly incorporate any other request received.

This type of survey can be carried out on any size of catchment from individual investigation into 20 houses or less right up to large urban catchments with property counts running into the thousands.